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The 13th Warrior From McTiernan, the director of DIE HARD and PREDATOR, comes this bloody medieval epic. In the year 922 AD, an Arab poet (Banderas) must join forces wView full review
Take a little Braveheart, take a little Beowulf. Mix them together with a bit of The Goonies, and you?ve got yourself The 13th Warrior. Here, at last, is a movie that is exactly ...View full review
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The 13th Warrior 1999, starring Antonio Banderas, Diane Venora. Plot: A cultured diplomat joins a band of savage warriors in time to meet an even more fearsome enemy in this ...View full review
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Reviews of 13th Warrior, The By Maitland McDonagh of TV Guide's Movie Guide (3/4) No reference Murky, all - but - impossible to follow battle sequences.View full review
United States, 1999 U.S. Release Date: 8/27/99 (wide) Running Length: 1:42 MPAA Classification: R (Violence, bloody carnage, headless bodies) Theatrical Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1View full review
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Hey folks.... Harry here. You know, some movies are just 2 hours and some movies are a lifetime. What John McTiernan and Michael Crichton did in making THE 13TH WARRIOR is to give ...View full review
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This article is a review of the new movie called ... Warriors wait in the dark. Fog hides the mysterious attackers that are coming.View full review
This is a man's movie without a doubt. The comradery of the thirteen warriors in battle, the bravery, the ... Reviews: 13th Warrior is a lucky 7 by Joe De ...View full review